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SSi’s Corporate Learning Group (CLG) offers Managed Training Services (MTS) to market-leading companies throughout India.

The comprehensive suite of Managed Training Services includes custom Curriculum Design and Content Development, Learning Administration, Learning Delivery, Strategic Sourcing, Learning Technology, and Advisory Services.

With a team of some of the world’s finest learning professionals, SSi is dedicated to helping customers increase the business value of learning and development (L&D). Built on the sound principles of ‘Running Training like a Business’, SSi’s Managed Training Services and best-in-class training processes enable customers to align business goals with L&D, reduce costs, realise measurable value, benefit from rock-solid operations, and increase business impact.

We are one of the best corporate training companies form a reliable group of senior representatives whose management skills are observed and regarded. Along these lines, the best corporate training programs can make loyalty in an organization, while boosting the implementation of its administrators and enhancing the main issue.

Technical Training

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Professional Development

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Desktop Training

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Solutions & Services

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Technical Training

Organizations small and large depend on technology to build efficiencies, strengthen communication, and foster growth. But to stay competitive, businesses need to do more than simply adopt technology; they must evolve with it.

Whether it’s simplifying internal operations, elevating employees’ day-to-day performance, or generating new business, CLG’s courses are designed to keep your organization at the forefront. As a trusted source for technical training ,we offer dozens of courses on commonly used programs and software, including Microsoft,Oracle VMware, and more.

      Professional Development

      An organization is only as strong as its people, and professional development training programs are a win-win for companies and employees alike. While team members grow more engaged and satisfied in their roles, companies enjoy higher performance and stronger retention.

      Whether you’re interested in professional development training courses in your location or remotely, CLG offers flexible learning options that can benefit organizations of any size, in any industry. Choose from PMI and IIBA certified courses in areas like project management training, communication skills, businesses analysis, agile, and more.

      Desktop Training

      With software programs emerging and evolving, companies can’t afford to let those changes affect employee productivity. Whether you’re looking to tighten internal operations with Office 365 training or challenge the competition with web and graphic design skills, the benefits of CLG’s desktop software training touch all aspects of business. Statistics show that without training employees generally use less than 13% of a software application’s capabilities.

      As a leader in computer training across the country, we have plenty of options to meet businesses’ desktop training needs. Our staff of seasoned instructors are enthusiastic and bring real world experience to the classroom. Curriculum can be tailored to your company, department, or job role to yield a higher return on investment. Customizations can include utilizing your spreadsheets, templates, workflows, business processes, etc.

        solutions n services
        Solutions & Services

        In today’s competitive markets, the most successful businesses must challenge their employees, adopt new skills, and embrace modern technology. That’s why CLG offers a range of training opportunities that can be customized to meet your unique goals.

        With decades of experience in the corporate training space, we know it may take a combination of solutions to meet your organization’s specific objectives. Browse our solutions and services to discover how we can help improve your business’s productivity, employee retention, and bottom line.

        1. Custom Training

        In order to remain competitive, your business places a lot of demands on its employees, their time and resources. That’s why at CLG we get to know not just you and your company, but your industry and goals. So at the end of the day, productivity soars—along with your bottom line.

        Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

        Conducting a thorough needs assessment, our team of instructors will work with you to identify and define specific strategies that will help us effectively develop and deliver concepts and material. Regardless of your industry, we will customize existing software training programs or develop new ones to meet each and every requirement on your list. Regardless of your company’s software applications, business processes and procedures, our custom training solutions are tailored to support your ever need. Really, there’s not much we can’t do. Just ask!

        Our Custom Training Program Process

        Step 1: Client Needs Analysis

        Step 2: Determine Requirements & Content

        Step 3: Develop Content

        Step 4: Trainer Preparation

        Step 5: Deliver Training

        Step 6: Training Debrief

        Step 7: On going Support/Coaching

        2. Content Development

        The key to success for any organization is to improve performance while reducing costs. Our custom content development is an integral part of successful training solutions. When training courses make a clear connection between your business objectives and your learners, you win. At CLG, we understand this. That’s why our content development and learning solutions are high impact, and developed in an efficient, cost-effective way.


        With new trends and technologies emerging every day, remaining productive can be challenging. By offering custom courseware and curriculum development, we support your company’s business processes, software applications, systems, and business outcomes.

        Here are two examples of when courseware development or curriculum should be considered:

        Proprietary Application or New Software

        If you have ever introduced new software or proprietary applications to your company, then you know that getting everyone in your workforce up to speed can be a difficult feat, to say the least. At CLG, we uncover your development needs and wants. Then, we get to know your audience and their characteristics. Together, we work with your subject matter experts to develop the best quality content and learning material that is right for you.

        New or Updated Business Process

        The idea of a new or an updated business process always seems great at first—until it comes to implementation. To avoid training and rollout nightmares, the team at CLG gets to know as much as possible about your business. CLG then strategizes and creates custom courses that promote learning, enhance understanding, and result in proper business process changes.


        The courseware design process begins with strategic planning, then instructional course and curriculum designers move the process into the design phase. With input and feedback from subject matter experts, the courseware is built and immediately assessed.

        See CLG’s five-step guide to creating effective courseware

        Step 1: Planning: Storyboard the course(s) to ensure that each course section or module has the appropriate level of content.

        Step 2: Instructional Design: Create the overall layout of all course materials.

        Step 3: Integrate Expertise: Work with your source material and subject matter experts to gather and analyze information for the course.

        Step 4: Build Courseware or Curriculum: Develop the lesson plans along with the required activities and/or testing criteria to ensure comprehension and retention.

        Step 5: Evaluate: Assess and review solutions.