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SSi Education delivers IEEE projects for Engineering and Arts students. Being a place for exploring the project ideas and concepts it is the best place to work and explore the real-time live projects. The students are also benefitted with the Internship programs along with the final year projects. Our Experts have developed the Final Year Engineering Projects on Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Big Data Projects, Hadoop, Wireless Communication Networking, Cloud Computing, Embedded Systems, Web application Projects, Digital Signal Processing, Android Projects, Power System, Power Electronics, VLSI Projects, Network Security Projects, Digital Image Processing Projects, IoT Projects etc.

With extensive supports and services, you can take IEEE Projects at various academic levels ranging from graduates to masters BE and M.Tech ,BCA and MCA. We empower the Final Year students with require comprehension and attitude along with technical analytic skills in their domain by providing modern cutting-edge students projects.

IEEE based Final Year Projects & Product Prototypes

We offer latest 2020- 2021 IEEE based paper implementation according to need of Student. All the projects developed are under university standard.

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    IEEE based final year Project for Diploma, Engineering, BCA, MCA and many more. Final Year Project for:

    Final year project for Computer Science Engineering and Information technology Students. All the projects according to industry standard.

    IEEE based projects for Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering. All the projects according to industy standard

    Projects for Bachelor of Computer Application, & Masters of Computer Application.

    Final Year project for All branch of Diploma according to university standards.

    AI Projects TITLES 2020-2021

    1. Applying Big Data Based Deep Learning System to Intrusion Detection
    2. Big Data based Adaptive Learning and Scope of Automation in Actionable Knowledge
    3. Big Data-Driven Abnormal Behavior Detection in Healthcare Based on Association Rules
    4. Characterizing the Propagation of Situational Information in Social Media During COVID-19 Epidemic: A Case Study on Weibo
    5. Data Mining and Feature Analysis of College Students’ Campus Network Behavior
    6. Design of College Students’ Physical Health Monitoring System Based on Big Data Platform
    7. E-Commerce Comment Sentiment Classification Based on Deep Learning
    8. Scalable and Secure Big Data IoT System Based on Multifactor Authentication and Lightweight Cryptography
    9. The big data analysis and mining of people’s livelihood appeal based on time series modeling and algorithm.
    10. Research on the Collection of Microcosmic Warning Indicators of Systematic Financial Risk Based on Big Data.

    ANDROID TITLES 2020-2021

    1. Implementation of Internet of Things in Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation Course Project
    2. Mobile Application for Productive Families Business
    3. An Android Malware Detection Approach Based on SIMGRU
    4. Using Rational Unified Process in Indoor Navigation application for Android Smart Phones
    5. A Review of Android Malware Detection Approaches Based on Machine Learning
    6. E-Voting System In Smart Phone Using Mobile Application
    7. Robotic Helping Hand: A New Mechanism for Helping Disabled People
    8. An IoT-Based Smart Aquarium Monitoring System
    9. IoT-Assisted ECG Monitoring Framework With Secure Data Transmission for Health Care Applications
    10. IoT-complex for Monitoring and Analysis of Motor Highway Condition Using Artificial Neural Networks


    1. A Survey on Health Care facilities by Cloud Computing.
    2. Cloud of Things (CoT) based Smart Cities.
    3. Cloud Computing-Assisted Dose Verification System and Method for Tumor Pain Treatment.
    4. Identity-Based Encryption Transformation for Flexible Sharing of Encrypted Data in Public Cloud.
    5. A Verifiable Semantic Searching Scheme by Optimal Matching over Encrypted Data in Public Cloud.

    DATA MINING TITLES 2020-2021

    1. Emotion Correlation Mining Through Deep Learning Models on Natural Language Text.
    2. Scalable and Adaptive Data Replica Placement for Geo-Distributed Cloud Storages.
    3. Product Quantized Collaborative Filtering.
    4. Privacy Preserving Location Data Publishing A Machine Learning Approach.
    5. Predicting Hot Events in the Early Period through Bayesian Model for Social Networks.
    6. Online Pricing with Reserve Price Constraint for Personal Data Markets.
    7. DGDFS Dependence Guided Discriminative Feature Selection for Predicting Adverse Drug-Drug Interaction.
    8. Evaluating Public Anxiety for Topic-based Communities in Social Networks.
    9. Cashless Society Managing Privacy and Security in the Technological Age.
    10. Adaptive Similarity Embedding For Unsupervised Multi-View Feature Selection.
    11. Privacy Preserving Location Data Publishing A Machine Learning Approach.
    12. Social Boosted Recommendation with Folded Bipartite Network Embedding.
    13. Adaptively Secure and Fast Processing of Conjunctive Queries over Encrypted Data.
    14. Adaptive Diffusion of Sensitive Information In Online Social Networks.
    15. Achieving Secure and Dynamic Range Queries Over Encrypted Cloud Data.

    EMBEDDED TITLES 2020-2021

    1. Requirement Validation for Embedded Systems in Automotive Industry Through Modeling
    2. Multi-Vehicle Collaborative Learning for Trajectory Prediction With Spatio-Temporal Tensor Fusion
    3. Neurobiologically Inspired Self-Monitoring Systems
    4. Stimulating Research Projects Through Teaching a Course on the Internet of Things
    5. Robust Manifold Embedding for Face Recognition
    6. Cyber-Security Gaps in a Digital Substation: From Sensors to SCADA
    7. Embedded System Based Automated Vehicles Action Control
    8. Design and implementation of small home entertainment bowling system
    9. Dynamic Multilevel Workflow Management Concept for Industrial IoT Systems
    10. Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Network Embedding for Complex Network Community Detection
    11. Onboard Double Q-Learning for Airborne Data Capture in Wireless Powered IoT Networks
    12. Are Cities Smart to Blend Learning? A Framework for Language Course Development at Master Level Programs in Dortmund
    13. Real-Time Acceleration-Continuous Path-Constrained Trajectory Planning With Built-In Tradeoff Between Cruise and Time-Optimal Motions
    14. Towards Autonomous Smart Sensing Systems
    15. Towards an All-Wheel Drive Motorcycle: Dynamic Modeling and Simulation


    1. Separate Power Allocation and Control Method Based on Multiple Power Channels for Wireless Power Transfer.
    2. Multiple-Objective Control Scheme for Input-Series–Output-Series LCL-Filtered GridConnected Inverter System
    3. Maximum Power Point Tracking for Wind Turbine Using Integrated Generator-Rectifier Systems
    4. Improved Continuous Fault Ride Through Control Strategy of DFIG-based Wind Turbine during Commutation Failure in the LCC-HVDC Transmission System.
    5. Low-Frequency Underwater Wireless Power Transfer: Maximum Efficiency Tracking Strategy.
    6. A PSO-BPSO Technique for Hybrid Power Generation System Sizing.
    7. A Day and Night Operational Quasi-Z Source Multilevel Grid-tied PV Power System to Achieve Active and Reactive Power Control.
    8. Chart Design Method for Multi-Coil Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Systems.
    9. A Dynamic Coordination Control Architecture for Reactive Power Capability Enhancement of the DFIG-based Wind Power Generation.
    10. AFLL-Based Control Technique for Grid Interfaced Three Phase PV System.
    11. virtual power plant energy optimisation in smart grids.
    12. Circuits and Systems Issues in Power Electronics Penetrated Power Grid.
    13. Power-Linked Predictive Control Strategy for Power Electronic Traction Transformer.
    14. Opportunities and Challenges of Power Electronics Systems in Future Railway Electrification .
    15. Effects of POD Control on a DFIG Wind Turbine Structural System.


    1. Blockchain technology for healthcare: Enhancing shared electronic health record interoperability and integrity
    2. Agricultural Supply Chain Management Using Blockchain Technology
    3. Block-chain Implementation of Letter of Credit based Trading system in Supply Chain Domain
    4. Fake News, Disinformation, and Deepfakes: Leveraging Distributed Ledger
      Technologies and Blockchain to Combat Digital Deception and Counterfeit Reality
    5. Pay as You Decrypt: Decryption Outsourcing for Functional Encryption Using Blockchain
    6. Proposing method for Public record maintenance using Block chain
    7. Smart and Secure Certificate Validation System through Block chain
    8. Cloud-based Secure Personal Health Record Management System using Mixnode and Blockchain
    9. Blockchain-Based Architecture for Secured Cyber-Attack Features Exchange
    10. Credibility Modelling of E-commerce Networks Based on Block-chain and Massive Data Mining

    Matlab and Image Processing

    1. A Granular Level Feature Extraction Approach to Construct HR Image for Forensic Biometrics Using Small Training DataSet.
    2. A Modified Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Abnormal Brain Image Classification.
    3. A systematic review on Fingerprint based Biometric Authentication System.
    4. Brain Tumor Detection from MRI Images using Naive Classifier.
    5. Comparison Of Machine Learning Algorithms For Detection Of Medicinal Plants.
    6. Deposit location based on feature decomposition of high-resolution remote sensing image.
    7. Designing of Facial Emotion Recognition System Based on Machine Learning.
    8. Detection and analysis of kidney artifacts using ultrasound imaging.
    9. Detection and Classification of Fruit Diseases Using Image Processing & Cloud Computing.
    10. Detection of Lesions in Regularized Gastroscopy Images Based on Dual Attention Mechanism.
    11. Development of Prognosis Tool for Type-II Diabetics using Tongue Image Analysis.
    12. Disease Detection in Pomegranate using Image Processing.
    13. Extended Model for the Early Skin Cancer Detection Using Image Processing.
    14. Hardware Implementation of Pixel Comparison and Error Detection in Image.
    15. Motion Analysis of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Tethered With an Optical Fiber for Real-Time Surveillance.

    IOT PROJECT TITLES 2020-2021

    1. A Trustworthy Privacy Preserving Framework for Machine Learning in Industrial IoT Systems
    2. An Efficient IoT-Based Platform for Remote Real-Time Cardiac Activity Monitoring
    3. An Efficient Privacy Preserving Message Authentication Scheme for Internet-of-Things
    4. An Efficient Spam Detection Technique for IoT Devices using Machine Learning
    5. Efficient IoT Management with Resilience to Unauthorized Access to Cloud Storage
    6. Efficient Privacy Preserving Data Collection and Computation Offloading for Fog-Assisted IoT
    7. Secure Storage Auditing with Efficient Key Updates for Cognitive Industrial IoT Environment
    8. Implementation of Internet of Things in Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation Course Project
    9. Detection of fake IoT app based on multi-dimensional similarity
    10. Secure and Efficient Data Collection and Storage of IoT in Smart Ocean
    11. Artificial Intelligence Recommendation System of Cancer Rehabilitation Scheme Based on IoT Technology
    12. IoT based Autonomous Fire Suppression System For Vehicles
    13. Supporting Teachers for Innovative Learning in Smart Schools using Internet of Things
    14. IoT Based University Garbage Monitoring System for Healthy Environment for Students
    15. Design and Development of IoT based Robotic Arm by using Arduino


    1. A Multi-classifier Framework for Detecting Spam and Fake Spam Messages in Twitter.
    2. A Systematic Review on Image Processing and Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting Plant Diseases.
    3. Advanced Skin Diseases Diagnosis Leveraging Image Processing.
    4. Detecting and Characterizing Extremist Reviewer Groups in Online Product Reviews.
    5. A Deep Learning Based Assistive System to Classify COVID-19 Face Mask for Human Safety with YOLOv3.
    6. Detecting A Twitter Cyberbullying Using Machine Learning.
    7. Driver Drowsiness Detection using Percentage Eye Closure Method.
    8. ID Card Detection with Facial Recognition using Tensorflow and OpenCV.
    9. Predicting Flight Delays with Error Calculation using Machine Learned Classifiers.
    10. Predicting Restaurant Rating using Machine Learning and comparison of Regression Models.
    11. Heart Disease Identification Method Using Machine Learning Classification in E-Healthcare.
    12. Performance Analysis on Student Feedback using Machine Learning Algorithms.
    13. Machine Learning techniques for Prediction from various Breast Cancer Datasets.
    14. A Review on Handwritten Character Recognition Methods and Techniques.
    15. Analysis of Facial Sentiments: A deep-learning Way.
    16. Emotional voice conversion using multitask learning with Text-to-speech.
    17. Text Classification based Behavioural Analysis of WhatsApp Chats.
    18. Similar Disease Prediction with Heterogeneous Disease Information Networks.
    19. Automated Attendance System Using OpenCV.
    20. Social Media Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Datasets.


    1. A Secure Biometric Based User AuthenticationProtocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.
    2. A Secure Three-Factor User Authentication ProtocolWith Forward Secrecy for Wireless MedicalSensor Network Systems.
    3. A Simple Clustering Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks.
    4. Clustering and Routing Optimization Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.
    5. Cognitive Intelligence with Adaptive MAC Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network Optimization.
    6. Fast, Efficient Broadcast Schemes Based on the Prediction of Dynamics in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks.
    7. Fuzzy Logic Based Effective Clustering of Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks for Mobile Sink.
    8. Lifetime Security Concept for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    9. Mobile routing algorithm with dynamic clustering for energy large-scale wireless sensor networks.
    10. Optimization on Cooperative Communications Based on Network Coding in Multi-hop Wireless Networks.