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Course for Graduates

Mean Stack Program

Learn all of the different aspects of full stack JavaScript development using the MEAN stack. We’re not talking about any generators or MEAN frameworks here, we’re talking about a full understanding of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js. Throughout this course we’ll show you how to use each of these technologies, and how to use them together.

Course Duration – 45 Hrs
Model – Classroom/Online


  • You should be familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • You will need a text editor (like Sublime Text) or IDE (like Webstorm)
  • You will need a computer on which you have the rights to install new software

Course Details

This course is meant for anyone who wants to start building full stack JavaScript applications in Node.js, AngularJS, Express and MongoDB. It starts from the basic concepts of each technology, so user’s experienced in a particular area will be able to speed through these sections. This course assumes you have some JavaScript knowledge, and does not teach JavaScript itself.

Course Syllabus

  • Creating web servers using Node.Js and Express
  • Working with MongoDB and NoSQL
  • Build robust REST API using Node.Js,Express and MongoDB
  • Single page applications with AngularJS
  • Authentication to the Mean Stack

The overall aim of the course is to enable to you confidently build all different types of application using the MEAN stack.

To do this, the course is divided into four sections, each section focusing on a different goal. The four sections all work together building a full application, with an overall outcome of showing how to architect and build complete MEAN applications.

The breakdown of sections looks like this:

By the end of section one you will be able to set up a web-server using Node.js and Express, to listen for requests and return responds.

By the end of section 2 you will be able to design NoSQL databases and work with MongoDB from the command line and from Node and Express.

After section 3 you will be able to design and build robust REST APIs using Node.js, Express and MongoDB, following industry best practices.

By the end of section four you will be able to build high quality AngularJS 1.x single page applications (SPAs), following industry best practices.

When you have finished with section five you will able to add authentication to the MEAN stack, enabling users to log in and manage sessions.


The Certificate Title the student will get at the end of the course will be Certification Programme in Mean Stack Program. Students who will maintain the minimum academic credentials will get “A” graded certificate, failing which the students will get only a participation certificate.