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IAS Courses

Answer Writing Skill Development

Emphasis is on How to write and What to write ?

  1. Answer Writing Skill Development has two aspects:
    a.Helping you to learn writing answers within the time limit
    b.Moulding you to adhere to word limit
  2. Answers evaluated as per UPSC standards.
  3. Effective feedbacks are given.
  4. Model Answers discussed.
  5. Further inputs on your level of retention.
  6. Prime focus on answer writing practice for Mains examination.


  1. Tests, an integral part of classroom programme.
  2. Tests help you in three ways:
    a.Self-discipline – induces a strong urge to study on a daily basis.
    b.Self-evaluation – reviews where you stand at the end of the day.
    c.Constructive comparison – shows where your peer group is positioned.
  3. Types of Class Room Tests:
    a.Surprise tests of 10 – 15 minutes duration.
    b.Longer duration test on weekends/end of chapters.
    c.Separate test for Prelims as well as Mains.
    d.Full length simulated tests at the end of the course.
  4. Apart from Class Room Tests we offer a Separate Test Series Programme for PT as well as Mains

Learning Methodology

Our programmes follow a Unique Learning Approach consisting of several distinct stages — workshops, training programmes for IAS entrance, self-study, self-evaluation, frequent class tests and answer writing sessions. And the classroom learning is supplemented with specially designed study material.

  • Self-Assessment
  • Self Evaluation
  • Get Expert Guidance
  • Personalised Study Plan
  • Strategies & Time Management
  • Extensive Mock Tests

We believe at SSI IAS Academy that the Civil Service Aspirants have different abilities and skills to solve the papers .Each aspirant has different requirements and we at the Academy plan the learning best suitable to their skills and capabilities.

Programmes from SSI IAS Academy – UPSC Series

  • SSi CSE Programme
  • SSi Prelims- Cum-Mains Programme
  • SSi Prelims Test Series
  • SSi Mains Test Series

Programmes from SSI IAS Academy – TNPSC Series

  • TNPSC Group I,IA,IB,IC
  • TNPSC Group II, IIA
  • TNPSC Group III
  • TNPSC Group IV


Civil Services, unlike the private jobs and businesses, shouldn’t be approached with ‘what is there for me?’ Rather it should have an outlook of societal reformation, and candidates must see the macro picture of what they can deliver for the nation and how they can bring positive changes in the current manifesto of society.

Civil services not only demand knowledge, which most of the IAS aspirants traditionally think, rather cracking UPSC surpasses all the primitive approaches and seeks for candidates who possess a strong love, dedication, and commitment towards the nation. UPSC is meant for such candidates who yearn of administering rightful traits, meticulous decision-making skills, exhibit right judgment powers along with the ability to handle the difficult situations at all given circumstances.

UPSC examination closely monitors these social traits of each examinee through their well-defined 3 stages namely Prelims, Mains & Interview. Therefore, UPSC exam pattern is crafted in a manner which is case study oriented, while giving importance to current affairs and trending issues in collaboration with past years government schemes and national policies.

Admission Procedure

To take admission in our Institute Rs.5000/- will be chargeable as registration fee.

Registration Fee is non refundable and will be adjust in your total course fee.

After registered successfully, you will receive a Token No. Kindly bring this at the time of admission.

As batch will start for selected course and according to availability, You will receive a confirmation call.