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SSi Education since 1994, Nation’s Famous Most Trusted Top IT & ITES Training Academy popular in Southern India having years of experience in the field of Education Sector and working with various government sectors is come up with its Civil Services Programme after a complete market and programme research

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UPSC CSE Programme

UPSC Test Series

TNPSC Programme

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Most Trusted brand

Successful model of training among the students

India’s No .1 Faculty

Engaging the best faculty expertise for the subjects

Doubt Solving Sessions

An integrated and direct approach towards the sessions

Recorded Video Lectures

High Quality video Lectures suitable to study from anywhere,anytime

Quality Study Materials

An integrated curriculum that incorporates the active-learning pedagogical practices required for the Exam

Online Test Series

To give hands on practice before the exam

Performance Analysis

Automated student performance analysis Tool

Discussion Forums

Engaging the students exam ready and occupation ready



The UPSC Classroom course is a comprehensive 12 month full time programme where we guide IAS aspirants from the scratch and teach them every aspect of the Civil Services Examination. This is the most comprehensive and complete programme . It is a perfect course for students who wish to make a career in Civil Services Examination.

The course has been designed scientifically to cover each aspect of IAS exam preparation. It is a rigorous training programme – beginning from a lower level of preparation and finally ending at top-notch finishing touch.This course consists of regular classroom lectures, study materials and UPSC test series.

We start with class lectures to clarify various subject/topic related concept – to develop an understanding of the subject matter(s).

Next, the discussion in the class helps dispel all sort of confusion.

Class test is conducted every Sunday. This provides the student, opportunity to develop writing skill. Remember, writing in UPSC exam is more ‘an art’ than ‘simple intelligence’.

During class test, teacher gets the first-hand information about students’ strength and more importantly their ‘weakness’. Teacher’s feedback and analysis help the student overcome those shortcomings.

Class Test is a regular and most important feature of our training.

After completion of the ‘regular course’ – we expose our students to ‘Advance level’. This is via our ‘All India Test Series’. Here, it should be noted that ‘class test’ enables students to write answers properly, paying attention to keywords like Explain, Discuss, Critically analysis etc. Structuring your answer format as per the demand of the question.



With UPSC Online Classes, you can study Anytime, Anywhere that can save your lot of time.UPSC Online class provides one-on-one interaction, which helps you learn better and get 100% attention from the faculty.

UPSC Online class model has huge benefits, allowing aspirants to have a hassle free preparation from their home or office.The online course enables the aspirants to continue their preparations by taking aid from the online platform. With the online class model we can offer students the same experience we offered through our class room classes . We are widely known for its Top notch faculties and mentors, hence they will now be available on your screens.

Features of Online Classes

Comprehensive coverage of General Studies Prelims and Mains syllabus.

After attending Live class, access to recorded class also available.

Pattern proof teaching methodology which focuses on strengthening of concepts and fundamentals as to succeed in any testing pattern of UPSC, Civil Services Examination. Experienced and seasoned faculties.

Online doubts clearing sessions.

Well researched and comprehensive online study material.

Online Test series for both Prelims and Mains.

Online subject tests and analysis.

Online Current Affairs classes.

Test Series

UPSC General Studies Prelim Test Series

We conduct “UPSC Prelim Test Series” for Civil Services, consisting objective type tests on GS and CSAT. It begins before the Prelim exam. The “Prelim Test Series” induces a sense of focus, discipline and regularity in a candidates’ preparation. These test series, through practice, help the aspirants reduce the rate of errors committed during the UPSC Prelims Examination

UPSC General Studies Main Exam Test Series

The UPSC Main Exam Test Series is done in two different ways:
The current students undergo Online Answer Writing Practice, where they write answers and upload them on their logins. Our effort is to teach and practice the techniques of answer writing required specifically for the civil services exam. Better writing skills increases the chances of selection for a student in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

UPSC Interview Guidance

Our UPSC Interview Guidance program conducts an interview guidance lecture on “How to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Interview” for the students who have written the Main exam.

The main interview programmes begin a week after the Main exam results are announced. The programme consists of Mock interviews and personal sitting session.

A candidate can opt to join the entire interview programme or opt for any one depending on his interview date scheduled by the UPSC.

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